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The question of where recovering addicts will live is an immediate and critical one. We are their bridge to the outside world. We offer housing along with other services to help those suffering from addiction to successfully transition to a productive life in the community.


We offer onsite services to meet the needs of our residents:


  1. Meals are served 3 times a day, 7 days per week, plus snacks.

  2. Residents are provided with toiletries.

  3. On-site laundry facilities

  4. Group meetings with residents take place 7 days a week.

  5. Assistance with applying for Medicaid and other services.

  6. Church services and Bible class.

  7. Didactic groups.


Mentally challenged residents work with community mental health organizations that provide the following services:


  • Mental Health Individual Counseling

  • Group Therapy

  • AA/NA meetings

  • Rehabilitation services


GladysCallie works with local churches and community organizations to provide residents with clothing, coats, shoes, as well as training and employment opportunities.

Safety &

We have many precautions set in place to ensure community and resident safety which include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Upon arrival, residents go through orientation.

  2. New residents review and acknowledge our house rules.  

  3. 24 hour staff monitoring.

  4. Our property is equipped with 24/7 staffing, surveillance cameras, and door sensors.

Preparation for Living Independently
  1. We provide resources and support to residents while they search for employment.

  2. We assist in applying for Social Security benefits if the resident is entitled.

  3. GladysCallie's staff maintains continuous contact with, counselors, employers, and case managers to ensure that residents are getting the assistance they need.

  4. Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms and maintaining upkeep of the property.

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